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      Dental Lab Dust Collection Unit

      Dental Lab Dust Collection Unit

      Item:   Dental Lab Dust Collection Unit
      Article No.:  DL01047
      Dimensions:  56cm*42cm*43cm
      Package:  Export Carton Package
      Weight:  16kg
      Description:  This unit is for dust extraction in dental labs. It can be used with sandblasters, lathes, grinders, and workstations etc.

      AX-MX800 Dental Vacuum Dust Extractor features lower noise, stronger and adjustable suction power, easy to operate and compact size. The optional foot switch can make it even easier to use. It can work for 4 hours continuously.

      Technical Data
      Power Supply:220V/110V 50/60Hz
      Power Consumption:500W
      Max. Pressure:26kPa
      Airflow Rate:172m3/h
      Max. Vacuum:-16kPa
      Max. Noise:<60dB
      Diameter of Dust pipe:4cm

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