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      Brushless Dental Vacuum Dust Extrator

      Brushless Dental Vacuum Dust Extrator

      Item:   Brushless Dental Vacuum Dust Extrator
      Article No.:  DL01048
      Dimensions:  31cm*39cm*50cm
      Package:  Export Carton Package
      Weight:  14kg
      Description:  (Brushless) Dental Vacuum Dust Extractor,This unit is for dust extraction in dental labs. It can be used with sandblasters, lathes, grinders, and workstations etc.

      The KINGKONG500 (Brushless) Dental Vacuum Dust Extractor is the latest product from Aixin Medical in 2011. It features ultra-silent designs which eliminate noises from the motor, users can only hear the wind noise during suction. Owing to the brushless motor, redesigned dust filtering system and the heat dissipation system, which are all major improvements compared to traditional designs, dust extraction can simply be done by cleaning the dust drawer, which is much more convenient than before. And the unit can run for 24 hours continuously.

      Technical Data
      Power Supply:220V/110V 50/60Hz
      Power Consumption:500W
      Max. Pressure:26kPa
      Airflow Rate:172m3/h
      Max. Vacuum:-16kPa
      Max. Noise:<50dB
      Diameter of Dust pipe:4cm

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