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      Intelligent Burnout Furnace

      Intelligent Burnout Furnace

      Item:   Intelligent Burnout Furnace
      Article No.:  DL01054
      Dimensions:  64cm*47cn*70cm
      Package:  Export Carton Package
      Weight:  65kg
      Description:  This unit is used for the wax elimination of casting rings and preheating the crucible in dental laboratory.
      Technical Data
      Power Supply: 220V/110V 50/60Hz
      Power Consumption: 4,000W
      Temperature Rating: 950℃
      Heating Elements: Ceramic Fiber
      Capacity: Large Casting Rings x 7 or Large Casting Rings x 4 and Small Casting Rings x 4
      Chamber Size: 12 × 30 × 20cm (H W D)
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